Old tanker at Guffey Garage
The Guffey Garage Bill in front of Guffey Garage

The Guffey Garage is no longer a working auto garage, it has become more of a museum full of oddities, but we can help you with propane, ice, and custom welding jobs. We also carry an assortment of new and used plumbing and electrical supplies. If we can’t fix it we’ll help you find someone who can! G.G.G.


We also specialize in custom wood and metal signs (like these).

Come stay in our historic cabins.
We Specialize in Slab Wood Signs
NOUN 1. Several species of small furry animals united under the proposition of the pursuit of life liberty and whatever feels good!   2. Humans Semi-Humans and/or Aliens ascribing to the above mentioned philosophy.
Guffey's Mayor Monster

The Guffey Garage is also the home of Guffey’s notorious Mayor “Monster” the cat.

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